About Us

Valli Construction was founded by Chad Lanza. Chad's experience in all facets of business and construction led him to start a company that reflected his philosophy of doing the right thing, listening to clients needs, and valuing all team members. Now, over a decade later, Valli Construction continues to practice his original mission of putting his clients first.

Today Valli Construction is a dynamic company, representing the latest evolution in building. Valli Construction's team members have been delivering successful project for over 40 years. Our progressive approach toward partnering with our clients and constant refinement toward operational excellence are what make our projects and relationships so successful. We are as passionate about your business as ours.

We understand that it is about "Delivering Value", and take our Clients' success very personally. Collaboration, accountability and functional expertise are more than just catch phrases, they are our way of doing business.

Valli Construction is a builder of Retail Facilities, Office Core and Shell, Tennant Improvements, Mixed Use, Industrial / Office Condos, Parking Structures, Life Science and High Technology projects. We are focused in the San Francisco Bay Area, but have completed over a million square feet of successful building in Washington, Texas, Northern, Southern, and Central California.

We are exceptionally proud of our team of Clients, Owners, Employees and Industry Professionals. We look forward to teaming with you on your next project, and making your business our business.


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