Pre-construction Services

Valli Construction will work collaboratively to analysis all aspects of our client's projects. Beginning with identifying our client's objectives and providing an overall project analysis. Our involvement gives our clients accurate information to make objective decisions and shorten overall project durations.

Professional Project Team

Provide a specific professional team with intense focus and unparallel service to analyze our client's objectives. We offer an early contractor's perspective at a very important time frame of our client's new projects.

Construction Means and Methods

Analyze the best systems to fit our client's needs to ensure proper project layout, constructability, suitable materials, and added cost value.

Project Site Evaluations

Provide analysis of soil conditions, utility locations and existing capacities, governmental agencies site specific code requirements, and existing facility impacts to ensure our client's needs are investigated prior to design completion.

MEP Systems Coordination

Analyze all MEP systems from a contractor's perspective for functionality cost and efficiency with our client's project requirements.

Accurate Project Scheduling

Provide realistic detailed schedule time frames for defining project parameters, site procurement, design time frames, city approval processes, material procurement, Owner FFE coordination, and overall project construction time frames.

Cost Analysis Estimating

Provide preliminary cost analysis of different sites, building orientations, project sizes, city and governmental agency fees, design costs, Owner FF&E, and materials to help assemble a comprehensive accurate overall project cost. This allows our clients to make objective decisions on their projects.

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